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The Process

Concrete Overlay VS Thin Pavers or Rubber Decks

Pressure wash the entire area (driveway or pool deck) then I will identify the cracks and incorporated into the design (let's talk about the cracks NOBODY can fix a crack whatever you put in or on top of the crack I will crack again that is the reason I said that I don't fix the crack but I hide it) and after I have applied caulking and lay a string the i will mix the material ( I use white portland cement with silica sand and off course bonding agent this is the one that makes the mix to bond with the existing concrete) the mix is applied 1/8 of an inch this will be 3500 psi and then I will make the design by hand I don't involve tape or preform molds after that each stone will become individual pieces after that we clean the area and apply the first layer of color I use water base colors after the first layer is dry I will stain each stone with different colors to give that natural look the next step is to paint the grout that way we separate the colors and define the shapes of the stone and for last is the clear sealer I use an excellent xylene base sealer and I will roll a heavy coat that will last from 2 to 4 years and then needs to be re-apply this sealer will keep the driveway clean and a low maintenance that mean you don't have to pressure wash your driveway every season you don't have to deal with that ugly mold and grime and also chemical resistant