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Patio & Pool Deck Resurfacing

Concrete Overlay VS Thin Pavers or Rubber Decks

The concrete over lay or concrete resurfacing is a low maintenance procedure because in the contrary pavers we do not have to deal with the ugly mold sand and not for last but the weeds growing between the stones as the same of the rubber decks that fade and create a huge amount of mildew between the concrete and the surface in top, and for driveway applications your existing concrete needs to be remove so the pavers can be install and that why we say Why remove if you can improve.. also the concrete overlay do not need to be pressure wash as often like pavers because the coat of our special solvent base sealer that last between 2 and 5 years will keep your floor clean and pretty, so why spend your weekend spraying bug and weed killer when you can just seat and relax knowing that your concrete is always clean... give us a call.